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This listing is for those who would like to be contacted if others have the same name in their family tree as well.  As some surnames are numerous, in order to further help someone know if they might be related to you, please list the name and the event (baptism, birth or marriage) date found in the Jakubany record, plus the email address at which you can be contacted.   Email me at my address on the home page.

-My gf
Dufala, Joseph bn 18921209, son of Joseph Duffala bn 18630207 (son of Michael D. & Catharina Guslej) and Eva Loboda (died at childbirth); Eva Krivonyak was 2nd wife; ggf Michael Dornics bn May 1868, son of Mike Dornics & Helena Varga (dau of Joannes Varga bn 1809 [son of Andreas V. & Anna Katrenics] and Anna Vaszily bn 1814 [Ignatius V. & Maria Kundla] who married Nov 1831) married ggm Catharine Duffala bn 13 Feb 1870, (dau of Andrej Duffala & Maria Romanecz-Csoma who married in 1849)  Contact   Posted 3/6/2

Storkel, Katherine bn 19000321 dau of Peter Storkel bn 18750711 (son of Joannes S. bn 18400103 & Catharina Orlovszky bn 18470102, marr 18661119) & Anna Ribovics bn 18811124 (dau of Joannes R. bn 18530603 & Anna Katrenics bn 18580525 marr 18771119) marr 18990508.  Contact  Posted 3/6/02

Gulyassy, Krisko, Kerekes.  Michael Gulyassy married Appolonia Krisko and settled in Jakubany--the 1st child of 7 was Gizella bn 18750831. Also Mihalich/Podhajetcky in Saris Cty:  3/6/02

Varga, Stephan bn 18550106 (son of Joannes V & Anna Vaszily) married Anna Zavalidruga (Michael Z.) on 18880213  Also researching Bucsko.  Damian Varga: or Colin Varga:    Posted 3/7/02

-I have found four generations of my family with your [website] help.  The names I am researching:
Csepan, Peter bn 7/01/1843; Csepan, Stephan bn 6/20/1878 (Peter's son, my grandfather), Anna Vaszily is Peter's wife;  Catarina Malina is Peter's mother; Suzanna Prebis is my grandmother.      Contact Pat O'Neil:  Posted 3/7/02    (Email address change 4/28/05)

-Researching surnames
Beskid, Katrenics, Orlovsky, Varga (Varga), Vorobel (Vorobely), Compel (Czompely), Hrebik, Romanec (Romantsik), Horcsar, Reyda (Rejda), Petrus (Petrusz),Bucsko, Gress, Mariancsik, Duda, Stucka (Sztuczka), Dufala/Duffala, Krajnyak, Matlyak, Regrut (Reckrutt), Dubko, Hnat, Vasil (Vaszily), and Dubinsky.  Contact    Posted 3/7/02

Bondra, Samuel (son of John & Irene (Kundlya) Bondra) chr 30 Sept 1821 married Catharina Duffala (dau of Elias & Anna (Duffala) Dufalla) on 21 Nov 1842. Their son,  Stephen Bondra, brn 06 Feb 1857 married Susanna Malina (dau of Elias & Elizabeth (Michnya) Malina) on 09 Feb 1880.  Contact Francis Arnold:        Posted 3/8/02 

-My grandfather was Joseph
Kundlya bn 17 Dec 1877-died 1933 in Sharon, PA (son of Mike K bn 20Nov1832 and Anna Romanecz bn 13May1882 who marr 15Feb1869) Joseph K's sister Catharina married a Krivonak and died in Apr 1967 in Warren, OH. My grandmother was [Y]eva Duda bn 17Feb1887, dau of Joannes Duda and Catharina Krivonyak.  Yeva's siblings were John bn 16Jun1882 and Susanna bn 18Aug1880 who married a Mruk.   Contact Eve at   Posted 3/9/02

-My grandfather John
Hrebik bn 2/3/1860 (son of Andrew H. & Susan Matlyak marr 2/4/1856) married  Katherine Dubinsky bn 11/21/1862 (dau of Stefan D. & Maria Odlivak marr 11/28/1857) on 2/5/1883.  Stefan's parents were Simeon D. & Anna Bjegala; Maria's are Theodore O. & Catherine Guzlej marr 3/2/1829.  Other family names are Beskid and Marhevka.  Contact Eugene at   Posted 3/10/02