-My grandparents are Peter Rebovich (Ribovics) bn July 8, 1871 who married Susan Marainchak (Mariancsik) bn Sept 19, 1876.  Peter arrived in the USA Apr 16, 1898 on the H.H.Meier, accompanied by his sister-in-law, Katalin Mariancsik, 18, and cousin Katalin Vazily.  His half-sister, Anna Loboda settled in Moscow, PA.  Susan M's brothers John & Andrew settled in Pittston/Dupont, PA.  Susan's sisters married into the Redar (Rejda) family.  Contact Tom at   Maxhein@aol.com  Posted 3/11/02

Krisko, Irena born 3 June 1846, dau of Janos Krisko, priest on Jakubany's church records.  Elisabetha Blarsovszky bn 1841.  Bondra, Catharina bn abt 1750 married on 28 Nov 1774. Anna Marintcsak bn abt 1817 married Georgius Liszony from Vysne Repase on 23 Nov 1835.  Stanko Chocola (Chocholak) bn abt 1848 married Anna Harakszim 1 Feb 1881 & children, twins: Gyorgy & Stanislaus bn 14 Feb 1886, Maria bn 17May1892, Petro bn 5Oct1898 & Julia bn 17 May 1901. The darkened  surnames in general are found in Jakubany's records but none of the specific event dates could be found in them.  Contact Joan at  jhender3@rochester.rr.com  Posted 3/11/02

Gulyassy, Anna bn 1893/12/19, (dau of Elias G. bn 1856/3/21 & Catarina Sztuczka bn 1860/11/02) married Stefan Macsuga bn 1891 Oct 12, son of Joannes Macsuga (bn 1866/4/28) and Anna Bakos (bn 1868 Jan 13), dau of Michael Bakos & Maria Rebovich (Ribovics). Anna's siblings Steve G. bn 1883/1/22, Susanna G. bn 1/21/1887 married Pete Matlock (Matlyak).   Contact Irene at  img35@yahoo.com    Posted 3/18/02

Hrebik, Andreas (my great grandfather) married Elisabetha Loboda 2-15-1886.  John is Andreas' father.  Contact David at  djrebeck@adelphia.net    Posted 4/10/02

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